The Chicago Exhibition

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Four AS NEW copies signed by both authors, (similar shown below) opened only for signatures by Michele Fitzsimmons and Diane Joy Schmidt, are available for purchase by libraries and museums. Additionally there are five AS NEW unopened copies available, in original cellophane, completely unopened. Additional fine copies, signed. Inquire. Rare hardcover book with dustcover, limited edition, there were only 2,500 copies printed in heliogravure in Alsace Lorraine, Nancy, France by Melrose Publishing, 1985 under the direction of publisher Jeff Dunas. An additional limited edition of 1,500 was printed in soft cover by Braus, Germany.
Michele passed away December 17, 2015. The image “Looking Down on the Wrigley” was chosen to be included in “100 Classic Chicago Photos” City Files Press/Chicago, 2017, a very exclusive set of photographs of Chicago taken by its top art photographers.

Prints available for exhitibion and sale. Prints were made by photographer Diane Schmidt c. 1985 and earlier. Vintage selenium toned  on Portriga Rapid Agfa Geveart paper, Vintage prints of some or all images in 7×10,  11×14 and some 16×20, some signed on front by both Michele and Diane, all  with photographer’s mark on back, printed by the photographer prior to book publication in 1985. Prints are very limited edition, never made more than a few of each. Inquire to Diane Joy Schmidt, print list. (see  Contact form).
A complete portfolio of the 56 images in the book in 16×20 prints is in the collection of the Chicago History Museum, purchase gift of Miriam Schmidt with documentation of value. For the 16×20 prints, only 3 numbered complete sets were made, some extra proof prints remain, and one image, The Drake Hotel Lobby, was also printed in a special edition included in the portfolio, “NAKED.”
The photos have been exhibited internationally. Copies of the book are in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Center for Creative Photography, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and other museums. Articles appeared in Japan, France PHOTO, American Photographer, Popular Photography, and tv and radio appearances, and included in the book “Das Akfoto.”  First exhibited Paul Waggoner Gallery, 1981. The project was done at over 60 locations over six years, 1979-1984.
At least one roll of 36 exposures of film shot at most locations, taking up to an hour, Tri-X and later some Pan-X. Later some 35mm color slides shot in Kodachrome. Concept, modeling and text by Michele Fitzsimmons, Photography by Diane Schmidt. Top Ten best seller list, Chicago Tribune, 1985.

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Buckingham Fountain, off-season Photo © 1981